ACME: chef Mitch Orr

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Acme Restaurant in Rushcutters Bay,  new cool Sydney restaurant , chef Mitch Orr – ex 121BC and Duke’s Bistro and also did a short stint at Osteria Francescana in Modena (ranked No. 3 in Worlds Best 50 Restaurants).  Acme’s menu of fresh, intriguing and re-invented classic dishes – modern Italian cooking that embraces simple core beliefs.


Mitch Orr - ACME

Mitch Orr – chef ACME Credit – Gourmet Traveller


Sitting at the pass, on opening night was the place to check out the kitchen. The menu – exciting small dishes followed by pasta all built to share – chef Mitch Orr told us that the pasta is all house made and it showed.  Starting with that Korean favourite – OB Golden lager – a German style lager that’s brewed in Korea – we ate pickled cucumber. You’re presented with bright, green batons of fresh cucumber that’s been pickled in gin zest of lime. Chilled and spiritous – perfect cleanser to start the meal.


Cucumber - sydneycool - cool sydney restaurants - acme

Pickled cucumber – ACME


Beef tartare, walnut, witlof – the beef dressed with a sharp freshness contrasting with the crunch of the witlof, delicious.  A classic with a new treatment.


Beef tartare, walnut, witloof - ACME

Beef tartare, walnut, witloof – ACME


Asparagus, brown butter – fresh asparagus spears of the deepest green – emulsified brown butter sprinkled with toasted quinoa.  Essence of simplicity with a minimal approach.


Asparagus - ACME

Asparagus brown butter – ACME


Mitch Orr’s remake of the classic pasta carbonara – this time with macaroni, pigs head, egg yolk.  The pig’s head brisket was fried golden and crisp – the egg yolk sitting on top with a small amount of fresh chilli that lifted this brilliant pasta.


Macaroni - acme

Macaroni, pig's head, egg yolk – ACME


Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, hazelnut praline and slivers of toasted artichoke.    The ice cream was not overly sweet but so smooth and almost a little oily in texture like green tea ice cream.  To balance that, the hazelnut praline added a surprising crunch and sweetness with the toasted artichoke slithers adding a slight smokiness and also a playfulness.


Artichoke - acme

Jerusalem artichoke icecream, hazelnut praline – ACME


ACME restaurant is just what we need in Sydney – a little bit classic with a 2014 approach to food.  It’s open Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm.



ACME Restaurant

60 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney 2011



ACME Website
ACME on Urbanspoon












Cafe Paci

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Cafe Paci in Riley Street, East Sydney is the creation and inspiration of Pasi Petanen who won the innovation Award in the 2015 Good Food Guide.  Cafe Paci also cruised into this year’s Australian’s Hot 50 Restaurant list.  Pasi, originally from Finland, set up Cafe Paci after being Head Chef at Mark Best’s fine dining restaurant Marque in Surry Hills for eight years.


Cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - East Sydney

Cafe Paci – Riley St East Sydney


Entering from Riley Street and making your way up the stairs, the restaurant reveals itself as a large open loft in monotone grey – a long bar to one side with tables generously spaced and comfortable chairs.  There’s a very ‘opera’ size curtain running the width of the room,  separating the kitchen from the restaurant.  It’s been all put together with a very minimalist eye – after all this is modern dining.  It was always a good space and it still is – only better.


Cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - east sydney

Pasi Petanen – Head Chef Cafe Paci



There’s a seasonal set menu at Cafe Paci – starting with ‘snacks’ – the pear sandwiches were a standout – the finest slices of crisp pear, filled with grated cheese.  Also torn pieces of radicchio leaves dusted with dehydrated raspberry – the colour was pure rubies and taste was pure sex.  I was wanting more!


Blue swimmer crab, pomelo, dill, vadouvan – the sharpness of the fine pomelo segments well balanced the sweetness of shards of crab meat, rounded out by the finely dusted vadouvan and dill.




Goat tartare, tartare sauce, kale – goat sourced from Cowra in south Western New South Wales – topped with multi-coloured kale and served with a tartare sauce.


Cauliflower, squid rice, anchovy butter – squid ink infused rice with parmesan cheese added into the pureed rice. Unusually subtle in this dish, the squid ink counterbalances the sweetness of parmesan, underpinned by the utter silkiness of the rice. This is our ‘go to’ dish – beautiful to look at …. but better to eat.



Cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - cauliflower

Cauliflower, squid rice, anchovy butter



Photato – this is the classic Vietnamese noodle soup – pho – that’s been deconstructed – well kind of.   Pasi delivers noodles crafted from potato nestling under lightly seared wagyu flap, enoki mushrooms and served like in pho with grilled lemon wedge.



Cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - photato

'Photato' – wagyu, enoki, lemon



After an optional cheese course,

cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - Cheese

Cheese course


there’s the desserts which again feature Pasi’s passion for innovation and creativity in the kitchen;


Carrot, yoghurt, liquorice – the smoothest yoghurt mousse filled with a centre of carrot sorbet placed on a thin liquorice sponge and a sprinkling of liquorice powder.


Rye ice cream, apple, white beer, cocoa, malt – crispy fine sheets of malt, cocoa and apple resting on an unexpected non-sweet icecream.


cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - Rye icecream

Rye ice cream, apple, white beer, cocoa, malt


Petit fours – Corn and butter reinvented as fairy floss sprinkled with corn dust alongside two pieces of pork coated on one side with chocolate and fennel.


Cafe Paci - cool sydney restaurants - desserts



There’s a well thought out wine list – a global choice from sommelier Dennis Roman – a balance between Europe, America and Antipodes.  We especially liked the grenache blanc/roussanne blend ‘Le Cigare Blanc’ from biodynamic winemaker Randall Graham from Bonny Doon Vineyard in Monterey Country, California.  Check out his blog.


Cafe Paci is open for dinner; Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm with lunch on Fridays from 12pm – there’s also space at the bar. You have to get along to Cafe Paci asap – it may be only there until January 2015.  Pasi Petanen is a visionary chef and it shows – and Sydney dining is all the better for that.




Cafe Paci

95 Riley Street, East Sydney 2010


Cafe Paci Website
Cafe Paci on Urbanspoon






Momofuku Sydney – the bar

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Momofuku Seiobo – The bar – walk-ins only.  Smooth and friendly service – effortlessly done – a reinvented menu at the Bar, interesting food like a katsu sandwich – some food traditionalists would be wondering.


Momofuku Sydney bar - cool sydney bars restaurants - menu

Bar menu monday 24 February 2014 – Momofuku Sydney


We started with a couple of glasses of a Mark Angeli ‘La Lune’ chenin blanc from Touraine – love the way you get to taste when doing by the glass.  The bar menu is a compact version of the full degustation menu, sort of – it’s innovative, simple presentation and dynamic flavours. On the night – the pickles are a must – crisp and crunchy, tartness as you would expect but with a gentle sweet finish – beetroot, radish, cucumber.


Momofuku Sydney bar - cool sydney bars restaurants - pickles

Pickles – Momofuku Seiobo


Roasted rice cakes, xo sauce, lamb – crunchy rice batons smoothered in meaty spicy sauce – superb and quite filling.  The classic Momofuku pork buns – always a winner – the best in town are still at Momofuku.


Momofuku Sydney bar - cool sydney bars restaurants - pork bun

Classic Pork Bun still the best at – Momofuku Seiobo


And because this was bar food – the spanner crab roll and potato crisps.  The spanner crab is wonderful to eat straight out of its sweet brioche style of bread – washed down with Sciacarello Domaine Comte Abatucci – a rose from Corsica.


Momofuku Sydney bar - cool sydney bars restaurants - spanner crab roll

Spanner crab celery salt crisp – Momofuku Seiobo


Momofuku Sydney bar - cool sydney bars restaurants - radish

Disc of Radish dusted with fermented beans – Momofuku Seiobo


Chef de cuisine at Momofuku Seiobo is Ben Greeno, originally from the UK,  he’s worked at all the Momofuku New York restaurants before he came to open the Momofuku in Sydney.


Momofuku bar - cool sydney bar restaurant

View across the bar – Momofuku Seiobo


The bar at Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney – David Chang’s three hatted Sydney restaurant owes a lot to the real talent from chef Ben Greeno and his brilliant team.  The bar at Momofuku is a Star in our skies.



Momofuku –  Sydney

The Star

Level G, 80 Pyrmont St

Sydney NSW 2009


Momofuku Website
Momofuku Seiōbo on Urbanspoon





Uncle Ming’s- Cool Sydney CBD small bar

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Cool sydney bars come in all shapes, sizes and themes – we love small bars and one that fits the bill is Uncle Ming’s Bar in York St, Sydney.


sydney cool bars - uncle mings bar - entrance york st

Entrance – Uncle Ming's Bar


Now the Uncle Ming’s story goes – Uncle Ming, one of Shanghai’s most notorious figures,- started a life of crime as a policeman collecting protection money from local opium traders. He became so powerful that, by the 1920’s, he had to leave China. Uncle Ming settled in Sydney and set up a community place for the local Chinese expat community to meet and have drink. So Uncle Ming’s Bar is one the site of this community hall.


sydney cool bars - uncle mings bar - york st sydney

Uncle Ming's bar


Many small Sydney CBD bars are down a flight of stairs off the street – this time it’s 55 York Street.  Once inside, you’re enveloped by dimly lit alcoves, red lanterns, a warm old Shanghai bar with pictures of the past everywhere – the bar with stools is off to the left of the main area with a view to the kitchen through a large round window straight ahead.  Check out the cocktails – their own specials, like Bruce Lee – sloe gin, vodka, peach and ginger beer and some takes on classics like a spicy margarita.  The barman suggested trying a margarita with chilli bitters and sprinkled with few chilli flakes – and not half bad. He says he likes using spices in cocktails and there’s a few like this on the list.


sydney cool bars - uncle mings bar - york st

Spicy Margarita – chilli bitters


We also had to try a classic martini – Uncle Ming’s stock a gin we haven’t seen many places before – Professor Cornelius Appleforths Bathtub Gin made using the traditional method of infusing. Result – gin that’s big on juniper and spice and light on botanicals – perfect for a dry martini.

There’s a wide of range of Asian spirits – of course, sake also Soju/Shochu – a spirit that hails from Korea and Japan – it’s made from barley, rice or sweet potato. Try out Baiju – a Chinese Strong Spirit that’s made from many different grains and aged for many years.  But we were impressed by one of the widest and most diverse range of whiskies – Japanese – Nikka and Suntory, Taiwanese, Bourbon and Rye and Scottish/Irish. Many a long winter’s evening could be spent here with a drop or two of your favourite single malt whisky.


cool sydney bars - uncle mings bar - entrance york st

The bar at Uncle Mings


To eat, in keeping with the Chinese theme – dumplings – Pork & Chive, Pork Dim Sim, Scallop Gow Gee, Prawn Dumpling, BBQ Duck Buns and a few more to stave off late night hunger.


sydney cool bars - uncle mings bar - york st

Cooking up a storm


Uncle Ming’s Bar – a little bit old Shanghai (or at least a Sydney version of old Shanghai), and on the nights we’ve been there the crowd was a cool easy looking inner city group with a friendly vibe, sharp service and music from past decades to make you want to tap your  boots to.  All adding up to a cool Sydney bar.



Uncle Ming’s Bar

55 York St, Sydney CBD 2000



Uncle Ming’s Website


Uncle Ming�s on Urbanspoon








Waitan Sydney -Luxury Asian Restaurants and Bars

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Now… Sydney really loves serious money  - especially when it’s a new restaurant and bar concept – sydneycool was invited to the opening of Waitan in Sussex St in Chinatown.  Here is a taste of Waitan Sydney.


new sydney restaurant - o lounge waitan - chinatown

O Lounge – at Waitan Chinatown


Waitan looks to deliver the ultimate contemporary Asian food experience – honouring the traditional and including new Asian food concepts. And the two Asian hospitality groups behind Waitan know a thing or two about Asian cuisine – Tung Lok with restaurants in Singapore, China, Indonesia, India and Japan and China-based Xiang Er Qing.


new sydney restaurant - waitan - chinatown sussex st

Main dining area at Waitan


This place says serious money and investment with a price tag around the $10 million mark.  Waitan is set over two levels in a new building in Sussex St, right next door to Sussex Food Court – home of the wonderful Ramen Ikkyu.


new cool sydney restaurant - waitan - chinatown - sussex st

The kitchen at Waitan – Chinatown


Waitan has a myriad of restaurants and bars; O Lounge fitted out like a modern version of a Chinatown opium den, the Dining Bar which is the whisky bar. On the first level there’s an exhibition-style kitchen, noodle/dim sim bar and the main bar.


cool sydney restaurant - waitan - chinatown

Peking duck – Waitan Chinatown


To the side are separate booths offering a degustation menu of delicately presented Asian cuisine in addition to private dining rooms. Waitan’s executive chef, John Rankin has worked at Quay, Astral and Sean’s Kitchen, not a bad line up on any chefs resume.


new cool sydney restaurant - waitan - chinatown

O Lounge – Waitan Chinatown


Waitan delivers luxury Asian restaurant and bar experience – from what you’d usually get in Sydney - it’s open Monday to Sunday 6pm till 12am.



405 Sussex St, Chinatown, Sydney 2000



Waitan Website
Waitan Restaurant on Urbanspoon



Chester White Diner and Bar

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What does a cool Sydney bar have to do with a breed of pig? Just ask the team at Chester White Cured Diner and they’ll tell you it’s named after a pig breed. And cured meat is an important part of Chester White, the new cool small bar in Potts Point brought to you by the Buffalo Dining Club team.


Bar at Chester White Cured Diner - cool sydney bars orwell st potts point

Bar at Chester White Cured Diner


Chester White Cured Diner is a small bar opened in a space in Orwell St, Potts Point that’s had quite a few lives – the last as a travel agent. It’s been re-invented as a look-a-like American style diner – but that’s where the comparison ends. The bar runs the length of the room with stools, also a few high tables inside and outside on the verandah seating facing the street. The bar team are friendly professional and eager to suggest a drink to your liking.  The music shifts between folk/rock and country ballads.


Carne at Chester White Cured Diner - cool sydney bars orwell st potts point

Capocollo – Chester White


Chester White presents a tight wine list – all Italian; prosecco and franciacorta, bianco – classics like soave but also traminer and fruilano, rosso – nebbiolo, valpolicella and malbec – all available by the glass. There’s the Buffalo house wines also Trumer Pils on tap – nice touch, Pedro Ximenez sherry. We went for an aperol spritz and a negroni.  The bar food at Chester White focuses on the pig with sharp antipasti platters you can build yourself – we went for capocollo – dry cured shoulder cap, pickles made by Peter Kypreos’ (one of the partners) mother, cheese – asiago and fontina, full flavoured crunchy olives, potatoes with mascarpone and slices of bread drizzled with pesto. The menu also includes prawn and scallop ceviche, spinach and ricotta polpette, lamb cutlet and ragu on a super bun. A couple of desserts – chocolate salami and mamma’s tiramisu.


Like Buffalo Dining Club, Chester White Cured Diner is a local bar and has a feel that it has been in that spot for a very long time even though its only still a bambini.  A great addition to the Sydney Bar and particularly Potts Point scene – and another cool Sydney bar.


Chester White’s open – Wed to Thurs 5pm to 11pm.


 Chester White Cured Diner

3 Orwell St Potts Point Sydney NSW 2011






Chester White Cured Diner on Urbanspoon


Food out & about in Berlin

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Berlin is one of the coolest cities in the world where it has found its very own personality and not trying to be like say Paris or NY for instance.


Street art - Berlin - global contemporary art

Street art – Friedrichshain Berlin


Art has such a strong influence on Berliners and it is everywhere from the street to the galleries. Street art is viewed as a national treasure and there’s not that archaic view that it must be stamped out of society at any cost.


Eastside Gallery - street art Berlin - global street art

Eastside Gallery – Berlin



Thomas Kiesewetter - Contemporary Fine Art Gallery - Berlin - global contemporary art

Thomas Kiesewetter – Contemporary Fine Arts – Berlin


As you walk around Berlin there are beautiful gardens and parks and the locals really use them to the fullest in the summer months.  A friend who has been living in Berlin for the past 2 years says the winters are nothing short of bleak, so summer is the time for outdoors. Architecture in Berlin can be very grand in scale – classic or contemporary.


Tiergarten - cool Berlin - sydneycool

Park in Tiergarten



Museum Island - cool Berlin - Museumsinsel

Museum Island – cool Berlin – Museumsinsel


There’s a strong Sydney connection in Berlin – Michael Reid Gallery in Ackerstrasse, Mitte. Located in the former East Berlin, the wall ran close by here – how the world has changed.



Michael Reid Gallery – Ackerstrasse Mitte Berlin


Tim Raue in Berlin was once the enfant terrible of Berlin food – he’s now part of the Berlin food establishment with Tim Raue Restaurant, a 2 Michelin star restaurant to prove it, so of course sydneycool had to check it out.



Tim Raue Restaurant – Berlin




Australian truffle, heart of palm, water chestnut – Tim Raue Berlin


His restaurant in Rudi Dutschke Strasse delivers fine dining food with a Japanese influence.  Although in Sydney, we’re exposed to a lot of Asian influenced –  for Berliners, this is still a new and different experience.


Tim Raue Restaurant - Krug - Cool Berlin restaurant

Tim Raue Restaurant – Michelin Starred


Tim Raue Restaurant - Desert - Cool Berlin restaurant

Apricot passionfruit dulcey chocolat cream basil


Interior Tim Raue Restaurant - Desert - Cool Berlin restaurant

Interior Tim Raue Restaurant – Cool Berlin



Another restaurant in Berlin that is doing great things is Schneeweiss (translated Snow White) Restaurant in Friedrichshain, a very street cool and young area with some of the best bars, cafes and street fashion. Friedricshain is the area to stay when you are in Berlin


Tim Raue Restaurant Berlin - cool Berlin restaurant

Cool Restaurant Berlin


Berlin has cemented its place as one of the contemporary art capitals of the world – from public galleries like Hamburger Bahnhof to street art.  Berlin is the city to check out.


Mao Warhol - Hamburger Bahnhof - Berlin - sydney contemporary art

Mao Warhol – Hamburger Bahnhof – Berlin


Street art Mitte Berlin - sydney contemporary art

Street art Mitte Berlin

Hamburger Bahnhof

Invalidenstraße 50, Mitte, Berlin

Schneeweiss (Snow White) Restaurant

Simplonstraße 16, Frederichschain,  Berlin


Tim Raue Restaurant

Rudi Dutschke Straße 26, Mitte, Berlin


Michael Reid Berlin

Ackerstrasse 163, Mitte,  Berlin

Harry’s Bar Venice- Revisited

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Harrys Bar San Marco Venice - world famous bars - sydney coolHarry’s Bar Venice is a real icon. A litany of famous patrons have always made their way to this corner of Venice, away from the madness of street venders and hordes of tourist to the warm welcome and easy elegance of Harry’s Bar. Now Harry’s Bar is in Istanbul, London, New York and Hong Kong.


Harrys Bar Venice - world famous bars - sydneycool

The entrance to Harry's Bar from Calle Vallaresso


sydneycool was in Venice for la Biennale di Venezia 2013 so we thought a perfect time to pay homage to this icon. Once again, we followed in the footsteps of the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote and Peggy Guggenheim to name a few of the famous clients in those heady days in Venice – who helped to make Harry’s Bar world famous.



Menu – Harry's Bar Venice


Located on the Grand Canal, just along from Piazza San Marco, Harry’s Bar Venice has been in the same location since American writer, Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time here in 1949-50, and not too much has changed – really!


Harrys Bar Venice - world best bars - sydneycool

The crowd at Harry's Bar


The bar itself is a rectangular room – small by today’s standard with tables, white table clothes. We think it’s pretty much as it was in its early days.  When at Harry’s Bar you must start with a bellini – Giuseppe Cipriani who started Harry’s Bar served the bellini for the first time in 1948, made with white peach juice. Served in a small glass, these bellinis are the best – the soft pink colour, which I have always thought is like the evening light as it is closing over Venice on a summer’s night, and of course the perfect balance between sweetness and the sparking bubbles.


harrys-bar-venice---famous-bars - ravioli alla piemontese

Ravioli alla piemontese – Harrys Bar Venice


The food – pretty much what you’d expect in a Venetian trattoria – baccala mantecato with grilled polenta, classic pasta dishes like lasagna and cannelloni, fish and scampi – fillet of sole alla Carlina and a few local meat dishes – Calves liver alla veneziana with polenta.


Harrys Bar San Marco Venice - famous bars - sydneycool

White jacketed waiters at Harry's Bar


We went for the ravioli alla piemontese – small luscious parcels – with the finest meat sauce drizzled over the top – these were perfect. The other dish was risotto con gamberi e zucchine – the creaminess of the risotto with the small prawns and zucchini was expertly created.  The food is really very good Venetian food with a few Americano additions thrown in.


harrys-bar-venice---famous-bars - risotto con gamberi e zucchine

risotto con gamberi e zucchine – Harrys Bay Venice



To sum it all up – the heady days of Venice are well and truly over – everywhere there is rubbish and, at times as you walk along some of the main streets, you might think you’re in the Paris metro at peak times. There are very few Venetians, let alone Italians, working in the shops and restaurants, but to be fair to Venice, in any major city around the world all the above is relevant.  However, one thing that has remained the same is the warm welcome and service at Harry’s Bar. Our waiter told us there are always people looking out for the table that Hemingway sat at – this is how much Harry’s Bar is part of American folklore.


Harrys Bar San Marco Venice - world famous bars - sydney cool

Looking from Grand Canal towards Harry's Bar


Well the food is very good. The service is spot on and definitely a few lessons to be learnt here for other waiters all over the world. And of course the Bellini is as they should be. Harry’s Bar in Venice is a wonderful experience – at the top end of price range but well worth going to a place that still does it as it should be – nearly 80 years later.


Marys- Bar- Newtown

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Mary’s is a cool Sydney bar - you enter through a small dimly lit hall from the street and you are in Mary’s in very cool Newtown. This bar comes with expertise to boot from Gardels and Bodega.  Mary’s can deliver sermons to other bars on how to get that mix right, just add :

+ 1 part great location

+ 1 part the coolest staff this side Brooklyn, NY

+ 1 part good mix of beers, wine & cocktails and food by ex Tetsuya’s head chef Luke Powell

+ 1 part of worshippers that look as if they come from a Fleet Foxes concert or a Rick Owens Paris runway show.

and then turn it all up loud with the best music sliding between folk and hard rock- ‘Andrew Bird’ for reference.

The above recipe is easy as- try it sometime!


View from street - Marys - cool sydney bars - newtown

Looking straight at Marys


Mary Street in Newtown was as boring as a church mouse, but now it’s got good stuff going on with Mary’s, and a following of worshippers that like the fact that this is not for boys in pink polo shirts and girls who listen to Mr J Bieber, and the favourite word is “AWESOME”.


Luschia Porter mural - Marys - cool sydney bars - newtown

Luschia Porter mural


The four walls looks like it started life as a Greek church or Mosanic Hall, but there’s not much left of the Masons here, apart from the wooden floors and soaring ceiling.  Hallelujah for scale in “Houses of Worship”.


Marys Bar - cool sydney bars - newtown - sydneycool

Downstairs – Marys Bar


Downstairs is a long bar with some stools, standing room and a kitchen beyond that.  The middle area has a couple of low tables and space for standing and chatting when it fills up later in the night and this place does – there are more high stools and small tables along the wall.  At the end of the room, there are stairs that take you up to the mezzanine floor which is more geared for some nice food, sexy cocktails and telling the one you love what you got planned for later! or just a good old gossip session with friends. The murals on the walls by Luschia Porter – including a slayer logo.


Marys Bar - cool sydney bars - newtown - sydneycool

Mezzanine floor at Marys


There’s a whole range of beers, on tap and bottled. On tap there’s Young Henry’s Newtowner from the local Newtown micro brewery, Resch’s and Carlton red and black. We went for the Young Henry’s – a bitter style draught that went down well with the help of a whisky chaser of Laphroaig.  In the bottled beers, the picks are Peroni Red and Budweiser.


Young Henrys - Marys Bar - cool sydney bars - Mary St newtown - sydneycool

Young Henrys on tap – Marys Bar


The wines – more like you’d see in a modern Sydney restaurant – white and reds from US, France, Italy and Argentina and sparklings – blanc de blancs and cremant including a Clotilde cremant and Perriier Jouet. And then there are exciting cocktails to temp you to sip and sway to some folk rock.


Ex Tetsuya‘s head chef Luke Powell is the chef behind the food, the offerings on the menu are small and tight but this is easy bar food – and very good. We tried the ‘Mary burger’ – perfect and comes with great fries and chilli sauce if you want to turn up the heat. We didn’t but try the Southern inspired deep fried chicken but be assured with Luke at the helm you are in to win.


Luschia Porter Slayer mural - Marys - cool sydney bars - Mary St newtown - sydneycool

Luschia Porter Slayer mural


This bar is so cool – in a great space, best music, drinks and food that work together, the right staff that make it all look easy.  Love Mary’s bar Newtown Sydney !





6 Mary St, Newtown, Sydney  2042




Mary�s on Urbanspoon

Colin Fassnidge- 4 Fourteen Restaurant- 414

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Colin Fassnidge – chef, family man, motorbike rider and tweeter extraordinaire! – although of late, his tweets have somewhat turned towards the niceties of daily things in life and less of the hot Irish blood that runs through his veins.

Colin Fassnidge – Dublin born Irish chef arrived in this fair land in 1999, with stints at that very cool fine dining Est restaurant in Sydney CBD and at Banc. In 2004/5 he started at Four in Hand pub restaurant in Paddington and in a short time it became the very good ‘Four in Hand Restaurant’ with a very nice local pub next door.  His philosophy on food being that classic ‘nose to tail’ thinking, which is that of many a great chef around the world – Colin Fassnidge has gone on to be embraced as one of Sydney’s, if not Australia’s, chefs to watch!


Colin Fassnidge - 4 Fourteen Restaurant - Four in Hand - Surry Hills - cool Sydney restaurant

Chef Colin Fassnidge


Colin Fassnidge and business partner Joe Saleh now have Four in Hand, Paddington Arms and the latest 4 Fourteen Restaurant in Surry Hills sydney, which in 18 months has become one of Sydney’s “IT” restaurants to be seen in!


Menu at 4Fourteen Restaurant - Colin Fassnidge - cool Surry Hills Sydney restaurant

The menu cover at 4Fourteen


But on a serious note the “IT” restaurant thing is a lot of bull shit!   It’s because he’s a great chef with a dedicated and talented team around him, like Head Chef and business partner Carla Jones.  But the key has to be great cooking in a well run kitchen in a well run restaurant and to date a well run business and all this has to be led by a chef that has what it takes and Colin Fassnidge has got that.  Someone once said that Fassnidge was not media savvy – that really made me laugh out loud, as great chefs know just how to work the media and when.  Anyway that has changed somewhat in recent times – with his prominence on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ on Channel 7 which airs 7 March – to name one in a handful of media appearances.


The Food at 414 Restaurant:


Ham hock croquettes - 4Fourteen - Colin Fassnidge - cool Sydney restaurant

Ham hock and cheese croquettes, mustard creme fraiche


Ham Hock and Cheese Croquette, Mustard Crème Fraîche – small bits of ham encassed with cheese in croquettes alongside a tear drop scoop of mustard creme fraiche.


Black pudding - 4Fourteen - Colin Fassnidge - cool Sydney restaurant

Black pudding, proscuitto, apple sauce


Black Pudding, Prosciutto, Apple Sauce – soft luscious black pudding – with hints of dark chocolate  and chorizo coming through to balance the minerality of the black pudding – layered on the proscuitto and fine batons of apple.


Citrus cured cobia - 4Fourteen - Colin Fassnidge - cool Sydney restaurant

Citrus cured cobia, frozen fennel


Citrus Cured Cobia, Frozen Fennel and Celery – pieces of sashimi cobia ( known as well as black kingfish) with celery leaves, braised celery sticks and topped with shaved frozen fennel juice.  This was such a delightful dish to look at and even better to taste.  It showed a lighter more modern take on Fassnidge’s repetoire.


Ocean trout - 4Fourteen - Colin Fassnidge - cool Sydney restaurant

Ocean trout, white beans, fennel


Ocean Trout, Citrus Stock, White Beans, Fennel and kale.  We chose the celeriac as accompaniment – cooked 3 Ways – the smoothest of puree, pure smokiness of the baked celeriac with a fluffy white inside and paper thin strips of fried celeriac.


Celeriac 3 ways - 414 restaurant - colin fassnidge - cool Sydney restaurants

Celeriac 3 ways


Interior 4Fourteen - Colin Fassnidge - cool Surry Hills Sydney restaurant

Interior at 4Fourteen


For dessert – Pain d’epices with fresh figs and ginger beer sorbet


Fresh figs and ginger beer sorbet - 4 Fourteen Restaurant - cool Sydney restaurants - Surry Hills

Fresh figs and ginger beer sorbet


4Fourteen Restaurant delivers a warm welcome, sharp attentive service from knowledgeable staff, well cooked food and an interesting wine list – and they can really make a mean Bloody Mary.


Food: 7/10

Presentation: 7/10

Service: 9/10

Wine list: 8/10



4Fourteen Restaurant

414 Bourke St, Surry Hills 2010



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