Sydney beachside fish and chips

Fish and chips cannot be described as a new cuisine or fine dining, but it does play a part in our food heritage  - so in a quest to find great fish and chips, we’ve tried too many and it’s fair to say that if we don’t see fish and chips again for a very long time that would be perfect.  It’s something we enjoy a couple a times a year, and only when they are very good.  Call us picky – but fish that is frozen and watery, with no flavour whatever – other than the oil or vinegar you drench them in and soggy, oily undercooked chips,  just ain’t what it is about for us.  And unfortunately that is what you get a lot of the time.

Sydney beachside fish and chips - must do Sydney


The hunt took a while, but here’s our pick of the best in Sydney. Sydneycool would like to mention that fish is usually charged at market prices and we didn’t always have just the regular fish and chips – but we have also included the price of their regular fish and chips.  Close to a beach was also a must for us, not in a restaurant or a shopping area – but to eat at the beach. 

Bondi’s Best- North Bondi Beach

Bondis Best - North Bondi - sydney fish and chips - sydneycool

Snapper and chips $27-00 (regular fish and chips $11.90)

Bondi Beach from Bondi's Best - North Bondi - sydney fish and chips - sydneycool

Looking from Bondi's Best Fish Shop towards Bondi Beach

We like this place in Bondi – just a minute up the road from the beach in North Bondi.  Everything we had at Bondi’s Best was good quality – not cheap in fact a little $ but highly recommended.  You can eat in or takeaway, this time at Bondi”s Best we ate our meal there as it started to rain – but we do like to takeaway and sit on the beach with fish and chips and a cold beer or a glass of wine – nice as on a warm summer evening.

Bondi’s Best

Shop 1, 39-53 Campbell Parade North Bondi Sydney 2026


Bondi’s Best Website



Bondi�s Best Seafood on Urbanspoon

Dune’s Kiosk-Palm Beach North 

Sydney fish and chips - Dune Kiosk Palm Beach - must do Sydney

Flathead and chips ($18-50)

Sydney fish and chips - Palm Beach - must do Sydney

Looking from Dune's Kiosk towards Palm Beach North

Dunes Kiosk at Palm Beach North is attached to the Dunes Restaurant on the beach – they use the same kitchen.  The quality of the fish and chips is very good but expensive –  beer battered flathead ($18-50). The chips were very crunchy & golden, nicely cooked, obviously the oil was very hot and at the perfect temperature. The fish was fresh tasting and moist, not overcooked, batter was light with a good crunch. We have to mention you can get other good quality fish and chips at Palm Beach but for us being able to walk across to the beach in less than a minute makes this the perfect place for fish and chips. The downside – the staff can be as rude as you find.


Dune’s Kiosk

1193 Barrenjoey Rd  Palm Beach NSW 2108 (in Governor Philip Park)

Dunes Kiosk Website  



Dunes Restaurant & Kiosk, Palm Beach on Urbanspoon


Selfish- Bronte Beach

Perch and chips - Selfish - Bronte Rd - sydney fish and chips - sydneycool

Perch and chips $12-00 (regular fish/chips $11.50 )

Bronte Beach from Selfish - Bronte Rd - sydney fish and chips - sydneycool

Looking to Bronte Beach from Selfish Fish Shop

This is our favourite fish & chip shop oppsite the beach at Bronte beach itself,  it was cheap and the quality good. We had perch fish and chips ($12-00), you don’t get much for your money but the quality is good. The fish was moist with obvious fresh flavour, batter light and very crunchy to the bite,  good chips – hot, crunchy, darkish golden and fluffy inside – some of the best we had in this hunt for Sydney beachside fish and chips.


491 Bronte Road, Bronte,  Sydney 2024



Selfish on Urbanspoon


Palm Beach North - sydney beachside fish and chips - must do Sydney

Sydney's beaches


So that’s our pick of the best beachside fish and chips in Sydney.  Sydneycool would like to hear from you if you have a favourite fish and chips – remember our criteria is quality, but it has to be close to a beach as that just seems right to us, maybe something we did when we were in our teens. Sun going down and you’ve spent a day in the sun, it really is a great way to enjoy a meal of fish and chips.





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