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Sydney has always been known for a high standard of Asian food and never more than at the moment  - with some of the world’s larger Asian restaurants opening in Sydney.  Here we will guide you to some that are very, very traditional, some very new pan Asian and some that, for us locals we hold dear to our hearts.  But the common link in our chosen eight is (and this was not easy as across Sydney, there are a lot of very good Asian restaurants) – But our bench mark was quality and consistency.   sydneycool introduces some Sydney Asian restaurants for you to try in 2013 – these are our favourites.

Golden Century in Chinatown is, without doubt, old China style restaurant –  at times,  you feel as you wait for your food that it could very well be 1960′s Hong Kong.  The food is nothing short of brilliant and it is the traditional Cantonese restaurant you go to in Australia for some of the best seafood – fresh abalone, beautiful lobsters and one of their signature dishes – pippies with XO sauce.  You’re likely to see top chefs eating at Golden Century like Tetsuya Wakuda of Tetsuya’s Restaurant and Momofuku‘s David Chang.

golden century seafood chinatown - sydney asian restaurant

swsweet wonton wrappers - golden century seafood chinatown - sydney asian restaurant

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

Sussex St, Chinatown, Sydney NSW 2000

Golden Century Website



Golden Century Seafood on Urbanspoon



Billy Kwong in Crown St, Surry Hills has become a Sydney institution – the mastermind behind Billy Kwong’s, Kylie Kwong set out to re-create a Chinese eating house and she does.  Kylie lets us experience her modern, lighter take on traditional Chinese food with a frequently changing menu and daily specials.

Sydney Asian restaurants - Kylie Kwong - Billy Kwong


Billy Kwong Chinese Restaurant

Shop 3, 355 Crown Street, Surry Hills Sydney 2010

Billy Kwong Website



Billy Kwong on Urbanspoon



Thanh Binh –  this is another Sydney institution and delivers some of the best authentic Vietnamese food.  Classic banh xeo chey – rice-flour pancake with prawns, mung bean, bean sprouts and banh hoi chao tom – steamed rice noodle with sugar cane prawns that you make yourself, are our favourites.  But it’s a big menu so you’ll find lots of other dishes to try.  As well as Cabramatta, they’re also in King St Newton.

Thanh Binh Sydney Asian restaurant - Cabramatta restaurants

Vietnamese pancake - Thanh Binh Sydney Asian restaurant - Cabramatta restaurants


Thanh Binh Vietamese Restaurant

52A John St Cabramatta, Sydney

111 King St Newton, Sydney

Thanh Binh Website



Thanh Binh on Urbanspoon

Thanh Binh on Urbanspoon



Next – Din Tai Fung – in Westfield Sydney, World Square and The Star – the restaurant at World Square is still our favourite.  Originally from Taipei, there are now restaurants in Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong and very soon in Thailand.  Din Tai Fung is best known for its dumplings – try the shrimp and pork jiao zi, also the spicy noodles and wontons and green beans with pork are great.

PrawnPrawn dumplings - Din Tai Fung - Sydney Westfield restaurants - Sydney Asian restaurantChefs - Din Tai Fung - Sydney Asian restaurant - westfield sydney restaurants

Din Tai Fung Taiwanese Dumpling bar

Level 5 Westfield Pitt St Sydney

Din Tai Fung Website



Din Tai Fung Dumpling Bar on Urbanspoon



Yoshii is a Japanese Restaurant that’s known for its wonderful sushi and sashimi – from the most simple of dishes to creations that are works of art.  Everything here is a joy to the eyes and the pallet and after you eat sushi here – it is hard to look elsewhere in Sydney.  The menu at Yoshii is degustation and set meals – so it can be quite pricey – pity they don’t offer a la carte but Yoshii is well worth the money.  This is not your local sushi train. This food is very beautiful and prepared with care and creativity.

Yoshii - The Rocks - Sydney Asian restaurants


Yoshii Japanese Restaurant

115 Harrington St, The Rocks, Sydney


Yoshii Website



Yoshii on Urbanspoon



Chefs Gallery Restaurant is one of our favourites – a new Sydney Asian restaurant.  The roast duck, deboned with fresh lychees and mint is a dish made in heaven – also the noodles are some of the best ever.  We like to sit at the bar and watch the chefs craft the noodles – such art in what they do. This restaurant gets very busy so get your timing right.

Noodle chef - Chefs Gallery George St - Sydney Asian restaurant - cool Sydney restaurantsDuck with lychees - Chefs Gallery George St - Sydney Asian restaurant - cool Sydney restaurants

Chefs Gallery Pan Asian

Shop 12, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Chefs Gallery Website



Chefs Gallery on Urbanspoon



Mamak is the authentic taste of Malaysia – this is the place for roti – try the roti bawang – filled with finely sliced cooked red onions. We always love nasi lemak and murtabak.  This is food like you get in KL, efficient service and the true flavours of Malaysia.

Mamak - cool Sydney Asian restaurant - Chinatown Sydney


Mamak - fish curry - cool Sydney Asian restaurant - Chinatown

Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

Goulburn St Chinatown Sydney

Mamak Website



Mamak on Urbanspoon



Ippudo opened its doors in Sydney about 4 weeks ago – the queue at times is demanding, as it is in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Sydney.  Ippudo has quite a loyal and young following, is part of a very big chain of restaurants and we have found the food is always consistently good.  Must try – pork or the prawn bun also the ramen – this is what this place is really about, and they take their own slant on things.  The music is very loud, staff very friendly and service sharp – but this is not a cheap street ramen bar.


Ramen at Ippudo - Sydney Asian restaurant - Ippudo Restaurant - westfield sydney restaurants

Prawn bun - Sydney Asian restaurant - Ippudo - Westfield Sydney restaurant

 Ippudo Japanese Ramen Bar

Level 5 Westfield Pitt St Sydney



Ippudo on Urbanspoon






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