St. Jude Cafe-Redfern cool

St Jude Cafe, in cool as Redfern East, is in a strip of cool Sydney cafes and shops in Bourke St, towards Danks St, Waterloo.

St Jude Cafe - Surry Hills - cool Sydney cafes

St. Jude is a very local place – and part of a new breed of cool Sydney cafes that deliver good coffee and healthy food – that’s more than a panini. The space looks like it has been created from an old corner store/butcher – the kitchen looks very  professional and efficient. The design of St Jude is fairly classic with some quirky retro objects on a shelf above the main room – there’s footpath seating as well.

Roasted vegetable and quinoa salad - St Jude Cafe - cool Sydney cafesThis was a late lunch after a quick reviver coffee at Bourke Street Bakery and a look through Brett Whiteley’s Studio (a very cool Sydney hidden secret).  The lunch menu has lots of fresh salads and sandwiches as well as more serious dishes. We went for a mediterranean vegetable and quinoa salad  - fresh roasted vegetables, spinach, haloumi, roasted almonds and glorious grains of quinoa and spiciness of the harissa dressing. Perfect for a light lunch and a great combination of mediterranean flavours.

Crispy skinned barramundi - St Jude Cafe - Surry Hills - cool Sydney cafes

Our other choice was the crispy skinned fish of the day – barramundi – with white bean puree and panzanella salad. The barramundi skin was not as the menu said – crispy, but instead was a soft  - waited a little too long to be brought to the table I think.  Having said all of that, It was moist and full of flavour – the creamy sweetness of the bean puree worked well.

We had an espresso coffee which was rich and smooth, spot on!

The service was pretty much on the mark although at times almost a bit distant and cold, but hey this is SYDNEY !

St Jude Cafe - Bourke and Thurlow Sts - Surry Hills - cool Sydney cafes

St Jude is worth a visit – part of the cool Sydney cafe scene.


St Jude Cafe

Cnr Thurlow and Bourke Sts Redfern East 2016




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