David Chang’s Momofuku would have to be one of the best cool restaurant in Sydney, if not Australia. From the moment you arrive to when you leave, everything is effortlessly done for your pleasure. Joining the Momofuku restaurants in New York, Sydney is the latest global city to get a taste of David Chang’s modern Asian fusion food and his ‘f-ck off if you don’t get it!


Momofuku Seiobo - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog


The Momofuku look and ambiance – this restaurant is for the young and the young at heart with its darkish grey minimal design and contemporary furniture. A wall of mirror and glass strips – so you get a view of passers by outside and reflection of the inside of the restaurant. Then, there are the black and white photos of rock music legends and background music that is anything but background – think AC DC/ Nick Cave, brilliant. Floor staff that are in tune to help make this a perfect meal.


wagyu beef radish and black bean - Marron courgette and black garlic - Momofuku - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog


Sitting at the bar is key to the enjoyment to be had, as you watch a army of chefs prepare the food with such precision and quiet creativity in this shiny kitchen where every detail is on show. Like watching a wonderful movie in a very cool cinema with the lights on, you wait for the story to unravel with each dish put in front of you. A plot you can’t wait to smell, taste and discover – combinations that the director of this film who is David Chang has created for your pure pleasure – nice one.


Marron courgette and black garlic - Momofuku - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog


A few of the taste sensations – the simple unadulterated taste of the pork bun with the lightest and softest texture, ‘succulent rich taste of melt in your mouth’ pork and the slight crunch and freshness of the pickled cucumber, with or without a trickle of chili sauce. Next, there is such visual beauty in the fine discs of radish stacked high and delicate – so you might think it was a beautiful flower, gently dusted with fermented black bean sitting on small cubes of wagyu beef. Or the sweet flavour that creeps up on your pallet in the honey licorice with bee pollen, we were in heaven for just a minute!


Potato quandong bottarga - Momofuku - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog


I could keep going through all of the fourteen courses with the matched wines from around the world like driest Pinot Blanc from Pyramid Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand, a French sauvignon blanc that I defy anyone to blind taste it as sauvignon grape following is a refreshing change from a dessert wine – a gorgeous pear cider good enough to have s-x with or not.


Soft pork buns - Momofuku - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog


Momofuku Sydney – a really cool restaurant – with the best, most personal service, great music and the attention of the chefs with their exciting food. Rise above what seems like hoops you need to jump through to make a booking – it’s perfection!  - almost!


The menu - Momofuku - cool Sydney restaurant - Sydney food blog

Momofuku –  Sydney

The Star

Level G, 80 Pyrmont St

Sydney NSW 2009

sydneycool rating ♥♥♥♥


Open Mon – Sat for dinner

Friday and Saturday for lunch



Momofuku Website




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