Buffalo mozzarella pizza-try it at home

The simplicity of Italian food has always been a source of inspiration for us – the use of pure and fresh ingredients to deliver a result that’s full of honest flavors that will satisfy the most discerning of taste buds. So that brings us to tell you about a homemade pizza recipe that does all of the above.  Next time you’re making one at home – try this for size as they say.

You need the darkest red tomatoes – with the strong smell of the sun and soft to the touch.

Truss Tomatoes - Homemade Pizza Recipe - sydney cool
Buffalo Mozzarella - Homemade Pizza Recipe - sydney cool

You must have ;

  • the freshest basil you can get
  • buffalo mozzarella from Italy (it’s the key taste here!) – you can get it from Fratelli Fresh and Simon Johnson
Joseph First Run Olive Oil - Homemade Pizza Recipe - sydney cool
Basil - Homemade Pizza Recipe - sydney cool
  • good quality tomato paste (best to buy it from a deli if you can)
  • a good pizza base (again from a deli or make it yourself)
  • a little olive oil, salt, cracked pepper – we love Joseph First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Primo Estate in South Australia

Spread the tomato paste evenly and lightly over the entire pizza base, then tear about 6 or 8 basil leaves on top.

Slice 1 or 2 tomatoes (not too thinly) and place evenly about the base and then slice or tear up the mozzarella ball and place a generous piece on top of each slice of tomato.

Cook in very hot oven (200 degrees) until edges are golden and mozzarella is starting to bubble.

Remove from oven, spread whole basil leaves about the top sprinkle pepper and salt and a few splashes of olive oil and eat.

Buffalo Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil - Homemade Pizza Recipe - sydney cool
Mozzarella tomato and basil - Homemade pizza recipe - sydney cool

Mozzarella is really the aristocrat of Italian cheese and is the key flavor to this pizza.

The best Italian mozzarella comes from the milk of the water buffaloes that live and graze on the plains in Campania near Naples.  However, we find cow’s milk mozzarella also to be very good.

You can also find some local mozzarella that’s not a bad substitute and a bit cheaper, but at some time try both and compare the difference and see which is your favorite.


So the next time try making yourself a mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza using this homemade pizza recipe. Perfect with a simple rocket salad, Delicious!



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