A cool Sydney bar-Aria Restaurant bar

Cool Sydney Bar - Aria Restaurant, Circular Quay - martini time again

If you’ve been following us, you’ll be aware of our search to find cool Sydney bars and our love of a perfect classic martini - where ever we are in the world, we really try to hunt out bars that take pride in mixing this most classic of cocktails.

Sometimes we can be surprised by what is put in front of us, but most times it’s only little things that will let a bar down.  Every now and then, you are blown away by the perfection of everything – from the glass, the temperature, the little things like plates for used garnish, napkins.  And of course, the most important match that can ever be put together, gin and vermouth – mixed by a bar person who understands what all the fuss over the years is about.  The bar at Matt Moran’s Aria Restaurant,  Circular Quay in Sydney with Tim Colclough as bar manager delivered the most perfect and memorable of martinis to us.

The Bar at Aria Restaurant by Matt Moran - cool Sydney bar

Cool Sydney Bar - Aria Restaurant, Circular Quay - a perfect choice for a drink with a view

Cheers to Aria bar for one of the best martinis we’ve ever had!!!

The gin they used was Hendricks.


Aria Restaurant bar

1 Macquarie Street, Sydney

Aria Restaurant Website





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