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The Sydney Festival 2012 looks to deliver a great mix of local and global performers and artists.  The festival starts in January but bookings are essential.

We’ve found that part of the fun of the festival is discovering amazing performances although you don’t know what to expect – like last year’s The Red Shoes – which was one of our highlights.  For this year’s festival, we’ve done some of the work for you – so here’s a couple of our picks.

L’Effet de Serge is experimental theatre meets performance art.  Philippe Quesne and his Vivarium studio have been touring the world for the last few years and it’s now our turn.  His character, Serge stages low-tech spectacles in his cluttered basement for an audience that could fit inside a bathroom.   The NY Times described it as ‘a microdrama about the magic of the ordinary’.

Check out this taste of Serge and his magic.



The other pick is Babel (The Words) – this one’s contemporary dance – blends different forms – and not only dance, but also words.  It’s the work of Flemish choreographer/dancers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet collaborating with British sculptor Antony Gormley – and the company of 18 dancers and musicians.  There’s a blend of East and West, Hindi music, taiko drumming, medieval music with towering sets of cubes by Gormley.

Here’s a taste of the total experience of Babel (The Words)



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