Sides & main, good food to go

Sides and Main, Potts Point

Sides and Main is one of the best shops in Potts Point and when it opened its doors about 2 months ago, we were so excited. You can tell by now that we love good food done well and I have no problem with praising or worshipping a great chef – as some of my readers would know from About Us.

So back to SIDES & MAIN – a very small space where on one wall, you can pick up a selection of high quality dry products like you might find at places like Simon Johnson or Jones the Grocer. No supermarket standard here – we are talking quality. But the strength of this place is behind the very glamorous chain curtain where you will catch a glimpse of the kitchen and Karen Murray cooking great food made with the best ingredients. This is not a kitchen where there are lots of people running around but a calm place that is more about the preparation and the goodness of the food.  I get a strong feeling this is where Karen quietly goes about doing what she loves doing so well.

Is Potts Point not lucky to have Sides & Main in its mix? – where busy people can rush in and take home good food to go anytime for one – or as many as you need. Long live great chefs with real passion!  So much to choose from like; lamb braised with cinnamon, chickpeas and aubergine Moroccan chicken with harissa, mint and carrot served with couscous.   Cauliflower gratin plus pies for one person – mashed potato with large pieces of salmon and peas, YUM YUM there is also chicken with leek.


Shop 7, 5-15 Orwell Street
Potts Point, NSW 2011

Sides and Main website

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5 Responses to Sides & main, good food to go

  1. PaulH

    I am a happy customer of their delicious meals. Although a carnivore, I really liked the eggplant parmigiana and previously their polenta – dishes that I would not make at home.

    • fairweather

      Yes I do like the eggplant parmigiana also, my fav is still the salmon,mash and pea pies, but everything is really very good cooking. We are glad you are happy with Sides and Main.


    LOVE LOVE this place …. you have got to come see for yourself …

    • faintheart

      yep, this is real good food that u can just take home, love it 2.

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